Reporting for Duty

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Reporting for Duty

Post by Steffen Haug » 28 Nov 2020 14:32

Gentlemen, fellowgamers,

I´m reporting for duty hoping to start a livetime career as PzC general!

I´m a 53 year old "Newbie-Grognard". Let me explain.
Due to work issues i unfortunately had a gaming break of nearly 4 years.
I´m a rookie to the PzC series and i want to learn how to play this splendid game inH2H mode. So far i have only played for about 6 months against the AI .
That said i´m not familiar with the "deeper/detailed" game mechanics and the strengths and weaknesses of the different units and nations.

However on the other hand i´m a veteran armchair general having mostly played Campaign series games for years.

I´m also member in (since 2004)

i´m looking forward meeting you on the battlefield one fine day

my email adress is
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