John Tiller Passed Away

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Andrea Galliano
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John Tiller Passed Away

Post by Andrea Galliano » 28 Apr 2021 21:31

Sorry to share bad news. ... rt-tiller/

We'll miss him
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Aloysius Kling Sr
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Re: John Tiller passed away

Post by Aloysius Kling Sr » 28 Apr 2021 22:16

Thanks Andrea for the information... We are very sorry to hear of John Tillers passing...
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Kirk Allton
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Re: John Tiller Passed Away

Post by Kirk Allton » 29 Apr 2021 12:55

Very sad news, his games are still the best tactical computer games available.
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Mark Jones
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Re: John Tiller Passed Away

Post by Mark Jones » 30 Apr 2021 01:54

Our sincere condolences to John's family.... :? :o :cry:

Ed Blackburn
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Re: John Tiller Passed Away

Post by Ed Blackburn » 30 Apr 2021 13:37

A fond farewell to John.
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Jean J. Cianfarani
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Re: John Tiller Passed Away

Post by Jean J. Cianfarani » 04 May 2021 22:37

Nos condoléances a toute la famille Tiller, au moment du bicentenaire de la mort de Napoléon 1er.
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