Campaign Wagram

Our Wagram Tournament has come to its end with an officer in each army achieving 12 points... Play off game to follow...The Coalition leader is Aleksander Zaytsev vs the LGA's Rick Trembley...

The playoff scenario will be "AI Test Battle".. The armies are close in numbers and the scenario is only 10 turns... If by chance there is a tie the point score will be used to determine the victor...

The army medal goes the La Grande Armée with a clear victory of 139 points
vs 98 points for the Coalition...

Tournament Results at the bottom of this Page...

The winner of the JTS Game of your choice goes to Jean Cianfarani
who was the first name pulled for the hat...

The Wargaming Society T-Shirts go to James Breakenridge and Jim Whitehead ...

Thanks to everyone who participated...

Check out the Inter-Army Tournament beginning 1 September 2021...
Age of Napoleon Inter-Army Tournament

Napoleon and his La Grande Armée's Victories Continue....
Can our Coalition officers change history in three rounds of play...
Or will our La Grande Amée officers repeat the success of Emperor Napoleon..
Enter in this tournament and make your own history!


The purpose of this tournament is to provide a registered TWS event in which players can gather and engage each other in entertaining combat. It is intended to be a fun way for members to interact, meet other members who they may never have met, and strengthen the bonds between the officers across our society. Officers participating in this tournament are to conduct themselves with honor at all times, remaining respectful of their opponents and abiding by the rules outlined herein. This tournament is intended to be a fun, social event of learning and interaction among the fine officers that we have in TWS.



Battle Begins 1 September 2020 - Ending 31 October 2020

03A5. St. Cyr to the Rescue (First Day Only) (26 Turns)

21 May 1809(A) - Napoleon has crossed the Danube in search of the Austrian army. Charles has obliged him by sending five seperate columns crashing down on his bridgehead. With only portions of the IV Corps the Coriscan and his men will have their hands full dealing with the numerous Austrians. St Cyr's division arrive two hours early.


Battle Begins 3 November 2020 - Ending 30 January 2021

15H_1-10M. Left Flank in Danger 7am to 1pm (36 Turns)

6 July 1809 (H) During the night of the 5th, the Archduke Charles had submitted orders for the III and VI Korps to launch a flanking attack on the French left and destroy the crossing points thus trapping the Army of Germany on the Marchfield. However, other events made this plan untenable but the rigid Austrian command system did not allow for changes of orders and with troops already in camp for the night Charles would have to live with his plan. As the morning dawned the French became aware of an advance on their left flank. The III and VI Korps commenced their maneuver on Napoleon's exposed left flank at around 6am. The assault began sometime near 8am.. Klenau's VI Korps was faced by the small division of Boudet near Aspern which promptly lost its guns and had to retire to protection of the bridgehead area northwest of Lobau Island where the French army had crossed to the Marchfield in May. With nothing in their way Klenau's men swept through Aspern and onto Essling. Meanwhile, Kollowrat's III Corps was taking Breitenlee and supporting Klenau's exposed left flank. Napoleon reacted swiftly to the challenge and sent large portions of Massena's hard pressed IV Corps south to meet the Austrians before they could sweep through more of his rear area. Along with a task force of cavalry, infantry and artillery the French were able to stem the tide. The guns from Labau Island almost single-handedly stopped Klenau's advance. The danger was averted and the Archduke's chance for success in the battle was waning. The lack of cavalry screening by the French had almost cost them a major defeat. Only because of the fllexible French command system that Napoleon had instituted within his headquarters and on the initiative of several of the division commanders was the danger averted. This scenario focuses on the main assault on Aspern and Essling. The III Korps supplies one division to support the attack. (Medium Size Scenario) >


Battle Begins 2 February 2021 - Ending on 15 April 2021

02A1. The Battle of Linz - Coordinated Attack (20 Turns)

17 May 1809 (A) - Prior to the Battle of Aspern-Essling the Allies had captured the bridge over the Danube at Linz and had heavily fortified it. The Austrians seeked draw off some of Napoleon's troops from crossing the river the main Allied army at Vienna so they sent FZM Kollowrat with his corps to attack and if possible destroy the bridge. The Field Marshall used a dangerous strategy to take the position. He would use three columns to converge on the French-Allied position. Timing was crucial but wasn't one of the strong points of the Austrian military machine. With the Wurttemberg VIII Corps under Marshall Vandamme ready to face the Austrians and a division of Saxons under the watchful eye of Bernadotte the Austrian attack would have to do very well to complete its mission. (Small Scenario) The Austrians arrive together giving them a better opportunity for victory.



Battles will be played with the Fog of War option selected and the Slider Bar set to dead center. Opponent pairings will be determined by the moderator of the tournament. All questions and any disputes will be handled by the Moderator with all decisions rendered by the Tournament Moderator in such instances being final and binding to all parties.


The victor will receive the victory medal and all those members particiapting will receive ribbon... And all those participating will be awared double battle points based on the turns completed. The army with the most points will be awarded the Army Victory medal. Everyone's game score impacts the outcome for the Army Victory Medal..


Scoring is based on tournament points earned for each battle:

Major Victory - 4 Points,
Minor Victory - 3 Points,
Draw - 2 Points,
Minor Defeat - 1 Point,
Major Defeat - 0 Points...

Points awarded will be totaled at the end of the tournament victory going to the
Combatant & Army with the most points..

Upon completion of each game, the winner must register the game at:


This way you will get credit for battle and victory points for your ranking
within your Army... Game Points will be collected from your registered games

Enter the Wagram Tournament

Strap on your Sword, Mount your war horse and lead your army to Victory!

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La Grand Armée

Jacopo Lornenzini - 4

Michael Fredel - 0

William Reaves - 3

Yvan Pierre Jacob - 0

Andrew Boustouler - 4

Aldo Miccio - 0

Phillip Arsenault - 0

Jamie Harmon - 4

Olivier Bianchi - 3

Rick Trembley - 4

Mark Oakford - 4

Jean J. Cianfarani - 4


Trevor Preston - 0

Bill Cann - 4

Allan Hearne - 1

Alexander Zaytsev - 4

Daniel Canavan - 0

Ed Blackburn - 4

Mark van Hattem - 4

Rob Tokraz - 0

Ross Kennedy - 1

Jim Whitehead - N/R

Vladimir Repnin - 0

Thomas Borling - 0


La Grand Armée

Jacoabo Lorenzini - 3

Michael Fredel - 3

William Reaves - 4

Yvan Pierre Jacob - 3

Andrew Boustouler - 2

Aldo Miccio - 4

Phillip Aresenault - 0

Jamie Harmon - 3

Olivier Bianchi - 2

Rick Trembley - 4

Mark Oakford - 2

Jean J. Cianfarani - 2


Michael Arrett - 1

Giorgio Beacco - 1

Andreas Ranninger - 0

Mark van Hattem 1

Jim Hall - 2

Ian Gillibrand - 0

Vladimir Repninr - 0

Duncan Rice - 1

Matthew Waddington - 2

Thomas Borling - 0

Allan Hearne - 2

Ed Blackburn - 2


La Grand Armée

Pete Russo - 0

Mark Nelms - 0

Denis Picard - 0

David Earls - 1

David Andrews - 4

Russ Dodge - 3

James Breckenridge - 1

Kevin Koch - 2

Mark Trowbridge - 4

Stuart Wilson - 1

Gianluca Rossi - 4


Jim Hall - 4

Michael Arrett - 4

Giorgio Beacco - 4

Tomasz Tesznar - 3

Scott Reed - 0

Matthew Waddington - 1

Andreas Ranninger - 3

Ian Gillibrand - 2

Duncan Rice - 0

Diego Mateos - 3

Lewis Jones - 0


La Grand Armée

Pete Russo - 3

Mark Nelms - 2

Denis Picard - 3

David Andrews - 2

David Earls - 0

Russ Dodge - 0

James Breckenridge- 4

Kevin Koch - 0

Mark Trowbridge 2

Stuart Wilson - 4


Aloysius Kling Sr - 1

Diego Mateos - 2

Trevor Preston - 1

Jim Whitehaead - 2

Ross Kennedy - 0

Tomasz Tesznar - 3

Rob Tokraz - 0

Alexander Zaytsev - 4

Bill Cann 2

Scott Reed - 0


John Tiller Software (JTS) is in the process of updating their Napoleonic games...

Campaign Wagram Update: 1.12a
(23 August 2020)


La Grand Armée

Mark Nelms 3

Denis Picard 2

David Andrews 4

Russ Dodge 2

Pete Russo 4

M. Trowbridge 0

J. Breckenridge 0

Olivier Bianchi 0

Jean Cianfarani 0

Rick Trembley 4

Mark Oakford 1


Duncan Rice 1

Diego Mateos 2

Trevor Preston 0

Jim Whitehead 2

Ian Gillibrand 0

Tomasz Tesznar 4

Alexandr Zaytsev 4

Bill Cann 4

Mark Arrett 4

Giorgio Beacco 0

Mark van Hattem 3


John Tiller Software (JTS) is once again contributing a game to be awarded to one player... All participants completing all three rounds of the tournament are eligible for a drawing for the game of their choice...

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La Grand Armée

Aldo Miccio 1

Stuart Wilson 0

David Earls 3

Jamie Harmon 1

Yvan Jacob 4

Jacopo Lorenzini 3

Michael Fredel 3

Andrew Boustouler 4

Phillip Aresenault


Jim Hall 3

Ross Kennedy 0

Bill Reaves 1

Matthew Waddington 3

Thomas Borling 0

Allan Hearne 1

Ed Blackburn 1

Scott Reed 0

Rob Tokraz 0


La Grand Armée

Jacopo Lornenzini - 10

Michael Fredel - 6

William Reaves - 8

Yvan Pierre Jacob - 7

Andrew Boustouler - 10

Aldo Miccio - 5

Phillip Arsenault - 0

Jamie Harmon - 8

Olivier Bianchi - 5

( Rick Trembley - 12 )

Mark Oakford - 7

Jean J. Cianfarani - 6


Trevor Preston - 1

Bill Cann - 10

Allan Hearne - 4

( Alexander Zaytsev - 12 )

Daniel Canavan - 0

Ed Blackburn - 7

Mark van Hattem - 8

Rob Tokraz - 0

Ross Kennedy - 1

Jim Whitehead - 4

Vladimir Repnin - 0

Thomas Borling - 0


La Grand Armée

Pete Russo - 7

Mark Nelms - 5

Denis Picard - 5

David Earls - 4

David Andrews - 1

Kevin Koch - 2

Russ Dodge - 5

J. Breckenridge - 5

Mark Trowbridge - 6

Stuart Wilson - 5

Gianluca Rossi - 2

Jean J. Cianfarani - 2


Michael Arrett - 9

Giorgio Beacco - 5

Andreas Ranninger - 3

Ian Gillibrand - 2

Jim Hall - 9

Aloyius Kling Sr. - 1

Vladimir Repninr - 0

Duncan Rice -2

Matthew Waddington - 6

Tomasz Tesznar - 7

Scott Reed - 0

Diego Mateos - 7

Lewis Jones - 0


Everyone participating in the tournament
who plays all three rounds till their games completion
is eligible to win either the JTS Game of their choice or one of the three Wargaming Society T-Shirts
by a names drawn from a hat...


If you would like to participate in the Wagram Tournament and are not a member...
You can join the Wargaming Society and sign up for the tournament..
Checkout our various Age of Napoleon Armies and find a regiment you would like to command... Interest in other eras... You can join more the one...