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Combat Command: The Matrix Edition

Combat Command- Classic WWII tactical combat at its grittiest and most addicting!

Experience the engaging and intense Combat Command game system with more units, more scenarios, new art, and more! Combat Command – The Matrix Edition is a new updated compilation of the Combat Command series which combines the features, units, scenarios, and gameplay from both Desert Rats and Danger Forward into one fantastic system. Included in this updated release are two brand new thrilling scenarios, Moscow and Stalingrad. This special edition also has support for 8 new armies bringing the total number of national armies included to 15, including support for the combatants in the Pacific Theater of WWII.

Combat Command – The Matrix Edition also sports a fine new paint job, with many graphical components of the game improved or completely redone! All the unit graphics have been redone, Fall and Jungle terrain sets have been added, all old terrain sets have been redone, the interface has been tweaked and recolored, and more!


  • Combined ruleset and scenarios from both Desert Rats and Danger Forward to bring the best from both titles
  • Two new never-before-seen scenarios, Moscow and Stalingrad, to combine with the over 40 scenarios included
  • Added 8 new armies to test your tactical might, more than doubling the number available in the original games!
    • Japanese
    • Russian
    • Russian Guard
    • German SS
    • US Marines
    • Chinese
    • Commonwealth
    • Free French
  • Redone and improved Winter, Summer and Desert terrain sets
  • Brand new Fall and Jungle terrain sets
  • New and improved graphics for all units
  • Re-colored and improved interface for a better, more aesthetically pleasing look
  • As with the original Combat Command system, the engine models a wide variety of combat from amphibious and airborne operations to supply and morale effects, even night attacks, minefields, fixed defenses, and more!


Strategic War in Europe

A tabletop wargame on right on your PC! Strategic War in Europe allows you to play a computer game which looks and plays as a tabletop wargame, but you don't need to find a human opponent.

Strategic War in Europe is a grand strategy game where you command one or more of the 25 countries in the game. War, diplomacy, technological progress, recruitment, conquest – this is all in your hands. There are no restrictions to the actions you can perform during your turn: unit movement, purchase, attack, technology investment, reinforcement, all of those can be done at any moment during the turn.

Strategic War in Europe features a large map scale that doesn’t overwhelm, perfect for newer players and for multiplayer!

Maintain convoys and supply lines, transport troops through the sea, secure air supremacy and hope for good weather – all of those are ingredients of ultimate victory. There are multiple ways to achieve victory, allowing nearly unlimited replayability.

The war in Europe begins!


Features Six unique scenarios spanning the time between 1939-1944 An expansive map of Europe and North Africa that is 68 hexes wide and 47 hexes high Ability for players to control up to 25 countries across the three World War II alliances (Allies, Axis, USSR) Five scaling difficulty settings for each country for added challenge and replayability Build your army to attack from land, sea, and air Accessible economy and production system Supply system based on convoys and railroads Technology system that expands five unique areas of research Dynamic weather system that affects the tide of war Units can be boosted by commanders and gather experience, which can change the course of war Possibility to customize many aspects of the game, as Fog of War, or tracking AI movement Reports which allow to easily check what happens in the past Unlimited number of players in hotseat mode Up to 4 players in PBEM mode

Piercing Fortress Europa

Tour Italy… with an Army!

The first Allied landings in Europe in World War II took place in Sicily and then on the Italian mainland.  Here many of the soldiers, divisions and generals that later landed in France as well as many others that fought in Italy through to V-E Day first showed that what Hitler called “Fortress Europa” could be breached and the Axis forces in continental Europe defeated.  Through these battles, Italy was knocked out of the war and the Wehrmacht forced to eventually fight a three front war that stretched it to the breaking point.

Piercing Fortress Europa is a new game from veteran game designer Frank Hunter, which covers the campaigns of the Western Allies from July, 1943 through the end of April, 1945 in Sicily and Italy.  Each area has its own map and time scale to best represent the campaigns for Sicily and Italy and the player is offered complete freedom, limited only by a historical order of battle and logistics model, to plan his operations and explore all of the many “what ifs” that the Italian theater has to offer.

The units of both sides are fully modelled, including armored, infantry, airborne, commando and garrison units rated for size, quality, strength and disruption.  Although strength and disruption are important, the focus of the game is on supply and fuel.  As the commander you need to plan ahead in this "WEGO" system, allocating your limited combat supply to your units in advance of combat operations and making sure your supply lines do not stretch too far. 

Piercing Fortress Europa is not a difficult game to learn, but it is modelled with historical accuracy from start to finish to give a fast playing historical wargame that allows you to think and plan based on the same considerations as a historical theater commander.

Want to know more? Donwload the full pdf manual here.


  • Operational wargame covering the entire Italian Theater (including Sicily) from 1943 through 1945 Historical fast-playing and easy to learn.
  • Full historical order of battle, including units from many diverse Allied and Axis nations (including Britain, America,Canada, Poland, New Zealand, India, Brazil, Germany, Italy, etc.).
  • Play against the AI or head to head with another human player via PBEM Division and Brigade size units fully modelled for strength, size, quality, disruption, combat supply.
  • Full logistics system including supply tracing and attenuation, port sizes and capabilities, port workers and beach and port supply sources.
  • Amphibious Invasions and Airborne Drops can be planned ahead with full flexibility within the framework of historical logistics. Replacements by nationality, can be allocated by unit and shattered units rebuilt Air Superiority, Ground Support and Interdiction.
  • Multiple Victory Conditions Scenarios and Campaigns:
    • The Sicily Campaign. Only 20 turns long and containing a small number of divisions.
    • The Italian campaign which begins on September 1st, 1943 and runs for 20 months till the end of April, 1945. The Allied forces here are tasked with conquering all of Italy including the Po Valley. The faster this is done the greater the level of victory.
    • The Southern Italy campaign. 26 turns long, it focuses on the initial invasion of Italy, the capture of ports such as Taranto and Naples that can support further operations and the capture of the airbase at Foggia. For a decisive victory the Allies may also attempt the capture of Cassino and the town of Ortona.
    • Breaking the Gustav Line. Covers the crucual period when the Allied advance on Rome was being held up at the Gustav Line centred on Cassino. Historically the Allies attempted to outflank the German position by landing in the rear at Anzio. Here the Allied player is free to try his own strategy to break the line. This scenario is 32 turns. To win a full victory the Allies must capture Rome, Pescara, Cassino, Ancona and Civitavecchia.
    • Advance to the Alps. This scenario covers the battle along the Gothic line and the breakthrough by the Allies into the Po Valley and to the foothills of the Alps. Unlike earlier in the war the Allies are short of the resources they need for a broad assault. The German army starts in a good position and because of the terrain are pretty clear about where the Allied thrusts will take place. The scenario is 66 turns in length and to win a full victory the Allies must capture Florence, Mantua, Genoa, Venice and Verona.
    • Main front : Italy. An alternative campaign which assumes the invasion of southern France doesnt happen and the forces and resources are instead kept in and/or diverted to the Italian campaign. The campaign up until the spring of 1944 is fairly historical. After that there are a number of differences. The withdrawals of units from the Allied army no longer take place and the reduction in resources is cancelled. As a tradeoff for the advantages gained by the Allies, they are expected to reach the Po Valley by December of 1944 or the campaign is considered to be a failure.


Germany at War: Barbarossa 1941

On June 22, 1941, the largest land campaign in history began, as three German Army Groups advanced into the Soviet Union.  Operation Barbarossa was underway and the German war machine was now locked in a struggle which would change the course of World War II.

Germany At War: Operation Barbarossa 1941 is an elegant turn-based design, inspired by classics such as Panzer General, but with more of a historical focus.  You command the German forces through a branching historical campaign covering the entire 1941 campaign as well as part of the 1942 campaign.  Dozens of scenarios stretch from the Soviet border all the way to Archangel and towards Astrakhan, the original military goals of Operation Barbarossa.  Step into a wargame where your performance will rewrite history, through an addictive combination of compelling gameplay, realistic events and challenging battles.
Additional stand-alone scenarios cover other famous battles and are ideal for head to head play through the integrated PBEM++ system.  Your forces follow you through the campaign, earning historical upgrades as you progress and new equipment becomes available on a historical schedule.  Units and maps are represented at realistic scales and the combat, movement and terrain systems are all based on real capabilities.

Aimed at all levels, from those who have never played a wargame before to those who know the history of World War II in detail, this is an entertaining and challenging game of combined arms strategy.

The download includes both the English and German versions of the game
Der Download enthält sowohl die englische als auch die deutsche Version des Spiels.


  • Easy-to-use but realistic combat, movement and logistics system
  • Realistic map and time scales
  • Ground and Air units as well as specialized unit types such as Engineer and Reconnaissance battalions
  • Different unit sizes fully modelled and viable, from Tiger Battalions to Infantry Divisions
  • Wide variety of support units and realistic historical upgrades for each unit type as units earn experience
  • Historical equipment base on historical availability
  • Dynamic branching campaign system with player decisions, choose the main German axis of attack after the battle of Smolensk.
  • Interesting and innovative mission objectives make each scenario unique
  • In-Game scenario events like bridge destruction, reinforcements based on player actions, news from other fronts, etc.
  • PBEM++ play via server
  • Balanced Stand-alone scenarios suitable for head to head play and as either side
  • Scenario Editor
  • 4 Campaigns:
    • Main branching Archangel to Astrakhan Campaign (37 Scenarios)
    • Army Group North (3 Scenarios)
    • Case Blue (4 Scenarios)
    • Operation Barbarossa Short (9 Scenarios)
  • 14 Stand-alone Scenarios
    • Drive on Stalingrad
    • Dubno-Brody
    • Minsk
    • Riga
    • Road to Demyansk
    • Saving Berlin (1945)
    • Storming Leningrad
    • Tallinn
    • Third Kharkov (1943)
    • Tikhvin
    • Typhoon over Moscow
    • Vyazma
    • Zhitomir (1943)
    • Zitadelle (1943)


Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein

History and turn-based strategy collide in Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein!

The award-winning team behind Battle of the Bulge and Drive on Moscow asks: Can you outwit the Desert Fox?

Take control at the turning point of the battle for North Africa in this WWII strategy game. Will you hold the line as the Commonwealth or capture the Suez Canal as the Axis?

Command a grand campaign, making key decisions and controlling the final engagement. In the oppressive heat of the desert, supplies are running low. Do you wait for more, or make a desperate attack now with tired troops? Use mines, ridges, and depressions to your advantage in desert warfare against challenging AI or online opponents. Desert Fox, designed from the ground up for iPhone and iPad, is a thrilling wargame experience for both casual and veteran players.


  • Command tanks, recon units, flak guns and more in strategic desert warfare
  • Call the shots and decide when to attack or defend in campaign mode
  • Learn the ropes through quick, guided tutorials
  • Face off against distinct AI opponents, local friends or players online
  • Battle through two stand-alone scenarios in addition to the grand campaign
  • Relive victories with replays, leaderboards, and achievements
  • Improve your strategy with full rules and charts and tables
  • Discover history with extensive historical photos and commentary
  • Designed by Mark Herman, award-winning inventor of Washington’s War


Unity of Command: Red Turn

The dying days of the Stalingrad Campaign saw the Wehrmacht reeling under heavy blows. The battle of Kursk will now see them pursue an offensive agenda for one last time. Soon after, as the strategic initiative swings in favor of the Soviets, you are tasked with liberating the motherland in command of victorious Red Army forces.

Unity of Command: Red Turn is an expansion and needs a copy of Unity of Commandto play.

Unity of Command  requires an update to version 1.04a. Updatehere.


  • Gigantic Soviet campaign featuring 17 scenarios
  • Two standalone Axis scenarios including Zitadelle, the Battle of Kursk Four dedicated PvP scenarios including the tightly contested Korsun Pocket
  • 39 different types of units modelled, including Panther and T-34/85 armor
  • Heavy-hitting late war specialist steps such as ISU-122 and Tiger II
  • Great for modding, with Unity of Command 1.04 featuring a scenario editor


Unity of Command: Black Turn

This prequel DLC, whose events happen prior to "Stalingrad Campaign", completes the Eastern Front story as told by "Unity of Command". Take control of the Wehrmacht and its allies in Operation Barbarossa, from the dramatic early victories all the way to ignominious defeat at the gates of Moscow.


  • The story of the 1941 Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in 13 suspenseful scenarios. 
  • Campaign extends into what-if territory, pitting the Wehrmacht against extreme odds. 
  • Separate Soviet scenarios, about the two winter offensives which brought the Nazis to a halt. 
  • New early-war units, including Axis allies from Romania, Hungary, Italy, Finland and Slovakia


Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front

Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front is a multi-format game (PC, Mac) with a multi format master. You get both formats in one package and a serial number that works for all formats and no intrusive DRM so you can install on your Mac and your PC. If you buy the boxed edition it will come with all formats as well. This does NOT apply to the iOS version.


Sequel to its genre-busting predecessor, Battle Academy 2 moves the action east – to the bloodied plains of Mother Russia. When a gritty new look, great new features, and random mission generation meet battle-proven gameplay you can be sure of a strategy classic!

Experience the brutal campaign from both sides as you play across 4 campaigns – as partisan, Tiger, T-34 and dozens of other accurately modeled units. See how the harsh weather of the steppes changed the course of the war.

And after following the fortunes of the two sides you can then experience limitless battles with the brand new random skirmish feature. Customise your mission with the myriad settings before entering a unique and surprising battle every time.

Add in the best-in-class Slitherine PBEM++ multiplayer system, redesigned editor, custom scripting, and Cooperative multiplayer to create a new strategy masterpiece.


  • Control both the Axis and Soviet forces in more than 30 missions across 4 single player campaigns and corresponding multiplayer missions.
  • More than 130 units storm across the battlefield. Learn the hard lessons of the early war in Panzer III and BT-7, or feel the ground shake to fury of the Tiger, Panther, T-34 and IS-2.
  • New gameplay features include smoke, infantry dash, fighter cover, partial damage, and trenches – along with a detailed combat model that’s second-to-none.
  • The seamless multiplayer experience has been expanded with the addition of cooperative support – can you and a friend work together to defeat the enemy?
  • And already fearsome modding flexibility has been further expanded with editor improvements including automatic edging, achievement editor, and reinforcements. All atop a powerful scripting system giving complete control of all the game systems.


WW2: Time of Warth

Diplomacy has failed, tyranny is on the march, now is the Time of Wrath!

From the front lines in France and Russia to the deserts of North Africa and the airfields and convoys of Britain, the campaigns of World War II are yours to command in WW2: Time of Wrath!  This turn-based grand strategy title, the highly improved and expanded sequel to WW2: Road to Victory, puts the player in charge of the political, economic and military decisions of one or more Axis or Allied nations, including minor nations.  A diplomacy system based on political points allows you to sway possible allies to your side.  An upgraded and expanded naval combat system includes fleet engagements, combat patrols, massive aircraft carriers, elusive raiders and U-Boats as well as a convoy system. 

Concentrate precious industrial resources on building, training and upgrading a wide variety of combat units from airborne soldiers and armored divisions up to nuclear weapons!  Historical leaders enhance the performance of your armies and hundreds of historical events like the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, Lend-Lease and more give you choices that can change the course of history.  WW2: Time of Wrath is fought across turns that vary in length by season and 25 km hexes with divisions and corps, giving the player a broad strategic picture of the war while still leaving enough room for operational decisions.


  • Four Grand Campaigns (1939, 1940, 1941 and 1944) cover the full war in the European Theater, lasting up to 1948 for maximum flexibility
  • Two Scenarios (Fall Weiss and Overlord)
  • Simple and intuitive user interface with engrossing historical gameplay
  • Hundreds of historical events such as Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, Vienna Dictate, Lend-Lease, and many more.
  • Play as any nation and as any combination of countries to experience the war through a unique perspective.
  • Air and Land Combat, including Sieges, Interceptions, Strategic Bombardment, Air Recon, Fleet Air attacks, Bombardment.
  • Enhanced naval system that includes Aircraft Carriers, Battle, Patrol and Submarine Groups. Managing fleets, convoys and raiders in Sea Zones.
  • Air forces now extend their power over nearby sea zones.
  • Advanced weather system simulates spring and autumn / rainfall and snow. Beware of General Winter! Weather conditions have a different effect on each country.
  • Any combination of move and attack is allowed as long as Action Points are available.
  • Technological race in research of new more powerful units.
  • Mulberry harbors now available as a helpful and powerful tool in preparation for huge landing operations.
  • Paratroopers conduct airborne landings help to take distant key point locations.
  • Fully historical, detailed orders of battle in all scenarios with historical names for hundreds of land, air and naval units.
  • Land units divided are into Divisional and Corps size allowing the player to choose what best fits his economy and play style.
  • Historical commanders boost the effectiveness of units under their care.
  • Improved A.I. to perform better at the strategic and tactical level.
  • An innovative naval combat model and realistic supply convoy attack system
  • A simple yet immersive political point system for diplomatic relations alienate enemies and solidify ties with allies
  • A healthy variety of combat units to command from armoured and airborne forces to strategic bombers and battleships even nukes!
  • Random historical events that can guide and shape the course of the war


Steel Panthers: World At War - Generals Edition

Steel Panthers World At War General Edition includes all four Mega-Campaign games and a free v8.20 of SPWaW. What is a Mega Campaign you ask? Mega-Campaigns are specially designed and programmed campaign systems for Steel Panthers: World at War. Mega-Campaigns are non-linear; they branch into dozens of directions, depending on the victory level achieved by the player and also on his choices during play. In a Mega-Campaign, you not only face standard attack or defend types of battles, but many unusual missions and variants are also available for assignment.

You may be sent to free POWs, or make an amphibious assault. You'll find dozens of pictures, backgrounds, historical documents and insights included with each Mega-Campaign, plus numerous maps to help find out where you are. As you win (or lose) battles, a map will display each location for you. For exceeding valor you may receive special awards. You will find yourself immersed in the campaign and a stand-alone battle will never feel the same again.

The fact is to truly get the feel of a Mega Campaign one must experience it. SP:WaW also includes a timed play feature, giving each player a specific amount of time to conduct his turn before it ends and his opponent's turn begins. Armor, gun and vehicle units are represented by individual icons. Each infantry squad can have up to 25 men in it. Machine guns, mortars and artillery units are also realistically portrayed and crewed. Each hex represents 50 yards (meters) of the virtual battlefield, with many new terrain features added. Each game turn represents a few minutes of real time, and games can last from a few turns to entire campaigns


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