JTS Seven Years War - Opinion and Synopsis

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Aloysius Kling Sr
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JTS Seven Years War - Opinion and Synopsis

Post by Aloysius Kling Sr » Mon Dec 10, 2018 4:58 pm

I recently completed 2 Seven Years War scenarios.. While I would not call myself an expert gamer at JTS Games this is my take on this particular game... Playing one game as the Austrians and the second as the Prussians..

The Prussian Artillery seems to be considerably more powerful than the Austrian cannons.. The Prussian cannon fire was devastating to Austrian Cannon and Infantry.. But at the same time Artillery is easy to capture unless on high ground with infantry in front of it... You can not stack a 600 strong infantry in the same hex.. I easily went straight through my opponents defenses and nearly wiped his Prussian Artillery... In the second game I was playing the Prussians and with the knowledge from the first game I was able to do a better job defended my cannon.. But then... My cagey opponent used Cavalry to attack my artillery while I defended it with dismounted dragoons up to 300 strong.. and later with disrupted infantry under 400 men.. Capturing cannon all though my lines.. In part my own fault, but this was not always the case..

Moving on to Cavalry... It is stated in the game information that Seven Years War cavalry is much weaker than the Napoleonic Era... That maybe so... But it easily overran Artillery defended by 3 to 4 hundred soldiers in line mode.. And my cannon was captured I fired the Austrian Cavalry with Prussian artillery and infantry... Then followed by and attack of 600 infantry in full strength could not be dislodged even after repeated firing and attacks with number less than 150 cavalry... The cavalry was within city or village hex...

Other issues with Cavalry in the two scenarios we played... A very large portion of them are detached which means they cannot attack... Pretty much making them useless other than forming defensive positions... And at the end of the second game they were cannon & infantry fodder for the Austrians... I should have just got them to open ground so they could have run away... I was able to save a large portion of my detached cavalry but lost a lot of victory points elsewhere.. I also found it was costly to attack with cavalry to the enemies rear or flanks...

None the less my opponent used his cavalry to take out a large portion of my Artillery... Also note that captured Artillery are just that and can be turned on the enemy and fire away which is particularly costly at close range...

Infantry... Even infantry get detached and cannot attack... Not disrupted... I am sorry to say I did not learn how to re-attach infantry or cavalry... In a town or village they should be able to drive out disrupted cavalry easily, but as I stated before this is not the case... Maybe I was doing something wrong?

All this being said I enjoyed playing these two games which I believe was in part due to my opponent and playing something a little different... But this is far from one of my favorite games and I admit I will be playing my Napoleonic games before I play another Seven Years Wars scenario... Napoleonic games have been and most likely always be my favorites, so I am more than a little prejudice.

I have stated that this is my take on the game and really would like to hear from others that purchased the game... I am sure there are members who could enlighten me on how this game works...

Battle On...

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Vladimir Repnin
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Re: JTS Seven Years War - Opinion and Synopsis

Post by Vladimir Repnin » Mon Dec 10, 2018 11:30 pm

So weak cavalry?! :shock: This is just the fantastic bullshit! :o
The famous Prussian cavalry - von Seidlitz' Cuirassiers and von Zitten's Hussars - the favorite Old Fritz's 'children', they just brought devastation into their enemy battlelines and evidently prevailed on the epoch's battlefields! Isn't it?
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Otto Schmidt
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Re: JTS Seven Years War - Opinion and Synopsis

Post by Otto Schmidt » Wed Dec 12, 2018 1:17 pm

A note to 7YW!

Cannons are very strong in this game! My info is that the cannons were most distributed to the infantry battalions! In this game these are combined to 6 cannons! As in Napoleon's time! Why?
Lt cavalry is best used for reconnaissance!

Medium cavalry, I do not know yet how I use this! (maybe to protect cannons and villages?)

Hv cavalry, best hide and attack artillery or shaken infantry!

If Cavalry detachment Cavalry can not attack!
Infantery! See Al report!
The units should always be in the area of the leader!
Otherwise you can not attack!
I do not understand why settlements with great man power can not be conquered!
Hopefully 7YW will be update!
I hope that there will soon be an OOB Editor!
Personally, I think 7YW is not bad, I also have a lot of fun to playing it!

Unfortunately, I am not a specialist for this time!

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