We Have Added JTS Seven Years War

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We Have Added JTS Seven Years War

Post by Aloysius Kling Sr » Tue Oct 16, 2018 1:43 am

We have added JTS Seven Years War to both the Age of Napoleon and Early Ages Eras games we play... You can play the game in either era...

John Tiller Software's game Seven Years War has been added to both eras Games We Play web page...

Age of Napoleon - http://wargamingsociety.com/gamesweplay/aon.html

The Early Ages - http://wargamingsociety.com/gamesweplay ... sance.html

I am currently playing a scenario from the game for a second time on the other side of the battlefield... The game seems to be a bit one sided and plays very differently than Napoleonic games... But none the less I am enjoying the game with only a couple of reservations...

Battle On...

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