ACW Tournament Round 2 Ending 29 Jan 2018

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ACW Tournament Round 2 Ending 29 Jan 2018

Post by Aloysius Kling Sr » Thu Jan 11, 2018 12:09 pm

Greetings from Tournament Headquarters,

The ACW Tournament Round 2 is coming to a close... January 29th is the drop dead date... No more extensions... If you cannot complete your Round 2 games... End them where they are and send results from the last turn completed...

The only combatants going on to Round 3 will be the top scoring combatants from Round 1 & 2... In Round 3 the actual game score will be added to the point score ( If you score say 60 pts for both games... Your actual scores will be added to your total tournament point scores.. ( Victorious game less the score from the game you lost.))

Please note the overall winner of the tournament will be the combatant with the highest score for all three rounds plus the actual point scores from the games...

I hope I explained this clearly and if you have any questions please contact me...

Thanks again for participating and Battle On...


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