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Age of Napoleon 2016-2017 Winter Tournament Results

Posted: Tue Apr 04, 2017 6:11 pm
by Aloysius Kling Sr
Our Tournament has ended with the Coalition achieving Victory, while the La Grande Armée goes down in defeat!

But none the less it was a very close right up to the end!

The Coalition achieved this victory with 24 victory points with the LGA coming in with 23!

Congratulations to the victors who battled to the very end! Good Cheer, Wine, Accolades and Victory Medals all around!

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Bonus Books Winners to 1 officer in each Army!

As in the ACW Tournament my plan to used game points has gone awry... This resulted because of incomplete games and officers leaving the tournament early ... So I used the same method to award the books to 1 officer in each army using dice...

We had 18 combatants fighting to the end... I agave each combatants in each army a number from 1 through 9...

First rolled the dice for LGA... first roll was a 9 which was my number and I am ineligible, so rolled a second time, a 12, no winner with the third roll an 8 and we have a Winner... 2nd Lieutenant Russ Dodge!

The Coalition dice roll went much more smoothly with the first roll of the dice being a 7 with Captain Jim Hall being the Winner!

Thanks to all who participated in the tournament and once again congratulations to the Coalition tournament combatants and the book winners!

Battle On...