Summer Challenge Update - Altenkirchen

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Aloysius Kling Sr
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Summer Challenge Update - Altenkirchen

Post by Aloysius Kling Sr » 13 May 2020 16:22

Greetings from Iowa LGA Headquarters...

I am enjoying my little endeavor battling the same scenario against 5 different opponents... The scenario starts as a draw, but the French need to attack and do so early... The biggest issue for both sides of the battlefield is pulling their forces together for numerical advantage... Two of my opponents did move forward to engage my La Grande Armée early on, One consolidated his forces around the city of Altenkirchen waiting for my army to attack and two others seem to be waiting to see what my army does...

I was able to capture an objective location across a bridge early on from 3 of my opponents and was surprised by who did the best job of defending the location thus preventing me from taking it...

I am disappointed in my play because I could have done a better job of moving my army together in some of the games... And surprised by one of my opponents moving his two armies together so quickly...

Having fun and Battling On...

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Ed Blackburn
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Re: Summer Challenge Update - Altenkirchen

Post by Ed Blackburn » 13 May 2020 18:37

I'm the one he got objective from early on. Can't be everywhere at once.
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Bill Cann
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Re: Summer Challenge Update - Altenkirchen

Post by Bill Cann » 13 May 2020 19:31

General Kling your courage at taking on 5 opponents simultaneously is duly noted and saluted.
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Trevor Preston
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Re: Summer Challenge Update - Altenkirchen

Post by Trevor Preston » 14 May 2020 00:25

I'm the one that consolidated around the town. How others took the fight to Al would be fun to see!
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Mark Van Hattem
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Re: Summer Challenge Update - Altenkirchen

Post by Mark Van Hattem » 14 May 2020 18:54

I'm certainly not going to give away which one I am. What a cunning way to spy on His Emperor's little but proud army corps defending Altenkirchen! I must say my soldiers admire the French bravery, where my worthy adversary moves them forward all the time. We noticed he is coming from three sides and seems to be confident, but we will put up a staunch defence and make this a hard fought battle, whichever side comes out victorious. And yes, later, when the smoke has left the fields, we would like to hear about all the battles and what happened in the alternative realities....
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