Chickamauga Tournament Results

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Chickamauga Tournament Results

Post by Aloysius Kling Sr » 22 Sep 2019 19:35

Greetings Members and Guest,

We started the tournament with 28 participants and ended it with 26... Over all it was a great success!

The Army Medal was won by the Union with 80 points to the Confederates with 75...

When comes to the Victorious General with have a three way tie... 2 Union Officers and 1 Confederate with 12 points each... We have decided not to have a tie breaker... All three of the participants will be awarded the Victory Medal... The Victorious Generals: Rick Trembley, Ernie Fantini and Patrick Hollevoet...

Congratulations to the Victorious Generals and to the Union Army on their Victories...

Work has already begun on the next ACW Tournament which we plan to get started in November 2019 and play out through 2020... This one will be set up differently to keep the chance of a tie to a minimum...

Prizes: The dice roll for the John Tiller Software Game will happen shortly and the name of the winner will be posted in the ACW Forum...

In addition to the game we were giving away a copy of the Chickamauga Battlefield Guide... This book was to go to the highest all over point score for all three rounds... This only happened very inconsistently across the board... So we will have a second dice roll for the book...

Thanks to everyone who participated and I hope everyone had a great time and are up for the next tournament...

Battle On, Salute,
Mark & Al
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