JTS Winter Sale $29.95

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JTS Winter Sale $29.95

Post by Aloysius Kling Sr » 10 Nov 2020 14:44

The JTS Winter Sale will kick off Friday, December 11th and run through the evening of December 31st. All titles that have been out 12 months or longer at that point will be on sale for $29.95.

Pick up a copy of Smolensk 41 and sign up for the WWII Tournament with a revised start date of 16 December 2020...

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Re: JTS Winter Sale $29.95

Post by Leigh Nielsen » 11 Dec 2020 02:53

Greetings JTS PzC players,

The JTS Winter Sale is almost here! The big question, which PzC title to add to the collection?!
Generally, I'm an eastern front player, but open to other theatres, don't mind which side or role - defense or offense. Mostly play H2H but would welcome title suggestions that you think have above average AI.

So, if I was only to get one PzC title, what would you recommend?

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