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Post by Leigh Nielsen » 21 Oct 2020 23:25

Greetings TWS WW1+ Forum!

Thanks admins for processing my application.

I am a newcomer to JTS Panzer Campaigns although I have been involved with this genre since the cardboard days of Squad Leader, AH Third Reich, etc. Generally a WW2 Europe gamer. More recently have been enjoying single player games like Graviteam Tactics and Command. Probably suffering Post Gary Grigsby Traumatic Shock, so JTS PzC looks far more achievable. Although looking at the immense campaign maps that could be just as big an ordeal.

Interested in the concept of Team JTS PzC games. I think that could be fun as well as participating in tournaments.

Currently have Kharkov 43 and Rzhev 42.

Looking forward to the Scheldt 44 release with the new game/graphic engine.

Just in case anyone else is new to PzC I made an intro video.

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