Age of Napoleon
Waterloo Corps to Corps
Waterloo Mini-Tournament


The purpose of this tournament is to provide a registered TWS event in which players can gather and
engage each other in entertaining combat. It is intended to be a fun way for members to interact, meet other 
members who they may never have met, and strengthen the bonds between the officers across our society. 
Officers participating in this tournament are to conduct themselves with honor at all times, remaining respectful
of their opponents and abiding by the rules outlined herein. This tournament is intended to be a fun,
social event of learning and interaction among the fine officers that we have in TWS.









This tournament consist of one round of play. The Coalition Player selects either one of two scenarios from the Waterloo Campaign game. The first scenario is 063.Hypo.v14 - British vs French or the second which is 064.Hypo v15 - Prussians vs French.  These are both Corps to Corps battles, closely matched, with both of them 30 turns with around 18,000 men in each army... Tournament players will be matched base on their battle records: the Coalition player with the most victory points vs the French player  with the most victory points. (Victory points divided by the number of games played) 
Then the second highest coalition player is matched to the second highest French player and so on...


All battles will be played with the Fog of War option selected and the Slider Bar set to dead center. Opponent pairings will be determined by the moderator of the tournament. All questions and any disputes will be handled by the Moderator with all decisions rendered by the Tournament Moderator in such instances being final and binding to all parties.


The tournament begins on 20 March 2018.
The tournament ends on 20 May 2018


Upon completion of your game, register the game at:


The victor will receive the victory medal and all those members particiapting will receive ribbon... 
And all those participating will be awared double battle points based on the turns completed.

The army with the most points will be awared the Army Victory medal. 
Everyone's game score impacts the outcome for the Army Victory Medal..


Aloysius Kling Sr


Greetings to all non-members of the Wargaming Society. If you are interested in participating in this tournament join the us at All are welcome to play games, make new friends and have fun!
Bonus Prize from John Tiller Software JTS will award the victor of our tournament a game of their choice! Waterloo Campaign Game on Sale for $29! (Sale Ends 31 March 2018)