Age of Napoleon
Eylau - Friedland

Greetings Members & Guest,

Our Eylau-Friedland Tournament has come to an end... We hope all those who participated had a good time and maybe made a few friends on the other side of the battlefield..

As in our Moscow 43 Tournament we had 3 Officers end with 12 points... Once again we are not extending the tournament and awarding each of them a Victory Medal... Our up coming AON Tournament beginning tentatively 1 Sept 2020 there will be a play off game should we end in a tie..

Congratulations to Alexander Zaytsev, Bill Cann & Rick Trembly

The Coalition won the Army Victory Medal with 78 Points
vs 76 Points for the La Grande Armée...

Congratulations to the Officers of the Coalition Armies

The winners of the Tournament Prizes drawn from the eligible participants
were as follows:

Andrew Boustouler - JTS Game
Ed Blackburn - (Book) Orphan Eagles - Polish Armies
David Earls - (Book) Napoleon - Art of War & Power

Prize Winners will be contacted via email...

We hope everyone is staying safe in these trying times...
Thanks to all of the those who are in the frontlines...

In the case of Stuart Wilson who has been in the actual battle...
We are awarding him a Wargaming Society T-Shirt
as a small token of our appreciation...
Battle On Stuart!


The Battle Begins 15 September 2019

137 Heilsberg_SG-V1 - 18 Turns - Odds 1 to 1

Bragration Enters the Fray: More Russian Forces

10 June 1807 - In this version of the rearguard action the Russians are reinforced by the Sixth Division
and the Eigth Division is released at the beginning of the battle. The Advance Guard has been advanced forward to a frontline position.


The Battle Begins 15 November 2019

107 Braunsberf_V1 - 24 Turns - Odds 1 to 1

Braunsberg – Dupont is Late!

6 February 1807 - Variant - In this version of the
action Dupont's left wing force arrives an hour later. Can the Prussians defeat the French right wing
before Dupont begins to arrive?


The Battle Begins 30 January 2020

180 Friedland_SG7-v1 - 24 Turns - Odds 2 to 1.5

Friedland: The Grand Assault – More Russian Forces

14 June 1807 - Variant - In this version of the grand assault the Russians receive additional forces from their Right Wing.


All battles will be played with the Fog of War option selected and the Slider Bar set to dead center. Opponent pairings will be determined by the moderator of the tournament. All questions and any disputes will be handled by the Moderator with all decisions rendered by the Tournament Moderator in such instances being final and binding to all parties.

Eylau Map


Scoring is based on tournament points
earned for each battle:

Major Victory - 4 Points,
Minor Victory - 3 Points,
Draw - 2 Points,
Minor Defeat - 1 Point,
Major Defeat - 0 Points...

Points awarded will be totaled at the end of the tournament victory going to the
Combatant & Army with the most points..

Upon completion of each game, register the game

This way you will get credit for battle and victory points for your ranking within your Army...
Game Points will be collected from your registered games


The victor will receive the victory medal and all those members particiapting will receive ribbon... And all those participating will be awared double battle points based on the turns completed. The army with the most points will be awarded the Army Victory medal. Everyone's game score impacts the outcome for the Army Victory Medal..


John Tiller Software (JTS) is once again contributing a game to be awarded to one player... All participants completing all three rounds of the tournament are eligible for a drawing for the game of their choice...

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