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Tactical combat from the Dark Ages to the Renaissance

The dark raven with horned beak, and the livid toad, the eagle and kite, the hound and wolf in mottled hue, were long refreshed by these delicacies... Over a thousand years of Vengeance!

From the Dark Ages to the advent of gunpowder, return to the days when war was the sport of nobles and ravagers who understood that courage, guile, and leadership were the main principles of warfare.


• Vengeance is an abstracted tactical combat game with each hex representing about 20m and a turn representing no more than a couple of minutes.
• The included scenarios have been proportionally scaled down to keep the action tight, quick, and focused


Nobles, peasants, elite war bands. Leather, chain mail, and plate. Swords, shields, pike, and arquebusiers. Shield walls and wedges. Stakes, ditches, and hedges... Vengeance offers a myriad of design/modeling options for battles, armies, and units.


Vengeance includes a wide range of both legendary and historical scenarios ranging from King Arthur and the Dark Ages to the rise of powder weapons and the Renaissance.

Badon Hill
The Battle of The Ice
Brave Heart and more. Vengeance includes over 40 scenarios

King Arthur, Dracula, Joan of Arc, and Robin Hood? They're all here seeking Vengeance.

Battle Plan: Vengeance

With the included Battleplan scenario editor, you can create or modify scenarios, units, or terrain types (and values). With the integrated symbol editor, you can add custom unit or terrain symbols to suit your scenario's needs


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