American Civil War Tournament

Shenandoah 1862 Campaign

Join General Jackson and the Confederate States of America in their battle for state's rights
Join General Banks and the United States in their battle to restore the Union...

Shenadoah Tournament Rules

  • 1. Battles must be played either to the full number of turns, or until a definite result is achieved, in order to be scored for tournament purposes

  • 2. Intentional stalling of a game to influence the end game victory will result in a Major Victory for the stalling player’s opponent.

  • 3. Confederate officers will play the Confederate side. Union officers will play the Union side.

  • 4. Standard tournament optional rules will be used as shown below. In addition, there is a House Rule whereby infantry is generally not allowed to initiate a melee when the unit is in column formation. Infantry is only allowed to initiate a melee when the unit is in column formation in towns and as required to cross creeks or bridges. Cavalry may initiate a melee from either line or column formation.

  • 5. Officers will face a different opponent in each round.

  • 6. Officers must complete all six rounds to receive the tournament ribbon.

  • 7. Officers who complete all six rounds will be eligible to win tournament prizes.

  • 8. The victorious player in each round shall submit a graphic image of the End Game Victory Dialog to the Tournament Moderator for tournament record keeping purposes. A copy of the email transmitting this graphic shall be sent to the victorious player’s opponent so that he may verify for the Tournament Moderator that the proposed Victory Result is correct.

  • 9. Game results must be registered by the victorious player in each round in order for those results to be credited to the participating officer’s battle records.

Tournament Etiquette

It is important to your opponent that you return game turns in a timely manner.
This will ensure tournament rounds are completed on time and everyone can move on to the next round..
Please think of everyone on either side of the battlefield as a friend..

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